1. gif excerpt of video

  2. screens, meta

    taxi driver
    bad boys ii
    pulp fiction
    billy madison
    8 mile
    pineapple express

  3. Studio installation with a variety of building materials

  4. carved House paint on raw canvas
    (9 x 11.5)

  5. supplies

  6. Two library search results (emphasis on number of available items):

  7. Speeches
    Digital copies on paper

    This project collects every documented speech from Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. The speeches are alphabetized with duplicate words removed. The project contains his first speech, made on February 6, 2006 and continues into the present day. 

    The piece currently contains over 700 pages, stacked chronologically with the most current text on top.

  8. walk in langley, bc

  9. chrismayne:

    Gordon Matta-Clark

  10. hiking thru the clouds