1. value added

  2. Sculptures made from found objects returned to their original site. Concrete castings were made from forms found on location.  If from afar they do not stand out from their surroundings, they are probably successful.

    Cast concrete (moulded from cardboard box)
    Metal rod, metal tube, sponge
    Poured concrete (in plastic bag), metal rod, moving blanket, rope
    Cast concrete (moulded from plastic bag), wood, metal, asphalt
    Cast concrete (moulded from beer cans), metal, plaster
    Cast concrete (moulded from beer can), beer bottle, spray paint 

  3. a to b

    palette, wood, bricks, tarp, stretched canvas, book, plastic sheet, cardboard, packing tape

  5. Interesting pieces from Possible Futures, at the AGW

  6. logistics

  7. Installation with bricks, wood beams, metal, salt, sand bags

  8. arranged bricks (outdoor site)

  9. arranged bricks

  10. collected jurassic park vhs’